We know that suffering from any form of pain can completely disrupt your everyday routine. Neck pain, back pain or any kind of muscle pain can be debilitating and seriously affect your overall quality of life.

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Advanced Physiotherapy

Advanced and modern manual therapy and hands on techniques.
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We listen and aim to help achieve your goals.
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We quickly find the root of the condition resulting in great improvements in pain and recovery.
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How We Can Help

Available Services At Our
Parramatta Physio Clinic

At our Parramatta clinic we offer both physiotherapy and exercise physiology. Depending on your condition and the symptoms you’re suffering from, we’ll prescribe a course of one of the forms of treatment or a combination of the two.

It’s also important to note that our clinic in Parramatta is also a specialist centre, that only treats workers compensation and third party insurance patients. So if you’re covered by either, get in contact with us today and start your road to recovery. Below is some more information on the services we provide:


Musculoskeletal physiotherapy will help improve the number of injuries. Whether you’re looking to reduce pain, regain full function, improve strength or increase flexibility, physiotherapy can improve your overall health and benefit any musculoskeletal injury.

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Exercise Physiology

Is designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness, increase flexibility, strengthen muscles, reduce pain and help weight loss. Exercise is now being used as a treatment for various health/medical conditions, both physical and mental.

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Massage Therapy

We use massage therapy as a way to ease your current pain and relived tension. With hands-on treatment, our treatment will improve the blood circulation in your body, particularly at around the damaged area which allowed better healing.

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For Patients

Why Choose Us

At Infinity Allied Healthcare we put our patients first. Firstly we listen, then we ask questions to understand and finally, we educate all of our patients on their individual injuries or ailments. We pride ourselves on providing you with the best option for your condition and ensuring that you have full control over your body’s progress.

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Benefits of
Physio in Parramatta

That’s why our team of experienced physiotherapists at Infinity Allied Healthcare offer the physiotherapy Parramatta residents need to reduce any pain or symptoms they may be experiencing.

Whether it’s the result of sporting injuries, work injuries or even a motor vehicle accident, we’ll help you understand the root cause of your pain and provide you with a tailored treatment plan to get you moving again.

Physiotherapy isn’t just designed to improve and speed up your rehabilitation, it can also help prevent further injuries in the future. It can also be a source of pain relief from other chronic illnesses, not just sports injuries. Some other benefits of physiotherapy are:

  • Reduce chronic pain – Physiotherapy can significantly reduce the pain of chronic illnesses such as arthritis and lower back pain. Patients will receive an education in exercise movements and discover how soft tissue mobilization and independent home exercises can help greatly alleviate pain and reduce discomfort.
  • Avoid surgery – In many cases, further surgeries can be avoided if physiotherapy is carried out. With a course of the correct manual therapy and a carefully followed treatment plan, patients will improve the overall strength of their body, reducing the risk of needed future surgeries.
  • Holistic approach – Our physiotherapists know that the source of any pain you may be experiencing might not just be coming from the site of the injury or condition. That’s why they take into account your body as a whole and ensure that all sports physiotherapy and exercise physiology are suited to your individual needs to ensure the best outcomes.

Who can benefit
from our Parramatta
physiotherapy services

Whether you’re suffering from a knee injury as a result of a sporting accident or neck pain as a result of a workplace injury, you can always benefit from physiotherapy. The injury may just require one massage session to help reduce the pain. Or you may need a full treatment plan to get you back to full health and movement. Book an appointment at our clinic today to start your road to recovery. 

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Please see below some testimonials from our previous patients: 

2 reviews
a month ago

This clinic goes above and beyond and I cannot recommend this place enough. I’ve had a grade 3 sprain to my ankle in the past and the physios here expedited my recovery so that I can get back into sports safely. My ankle is stronger than ever and there’s no pain at all despite missing an ATFL. I’ve also had a recent hand fracture and Allen particularly took his time and care to ensure my hand was well supported in the cast. Ifs currently 2 weeks since the injury and I barely feel the pain as the fracture continues to heal. The cherry on top is their friendly nature and that they genuinely care about your recovery.

Mary Borg
1 review
2 years ago

This is a really great allied health practice. The physios are excellent. They are knowledgeable and friendly and very considerate of comfort. They have treated my busted ankle and my neck and back pain. I used to get the most excruciating headaches but thanks to the physios the pain is so much better and I hardly ever use paracetamol any more. Go and see the team. You won’t regret it!! =)

Meet Our Team

Our Parramatta


Chester is the Clinical Manager & Senior Physiotherapist at our Parramatta clinic. He graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and uses his experience in manual therapy and exercise prescription to help patients regain their health.


Josh graduated with a postgraduate Doctor of Physiotherapy and has a great deal of experience in a number of areas including orthopedics, sports, cardiorespiratory, neurological and private practice settings.


Cindy graduated with a Master of Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney. She prefers to utilize soft tissue, posture and sports techniques, combined with a prescription of exercises.


How To Find Us

Below you’ll find our opening hours, how to contact us and where you can find your local physiotherapy clinic:


  • Shop B, 8 Cowper St
    Parramatta NSW 2150
  • (02) 8607 1600
  • Monday to Friday: 9am – 6pm
  • Located 5 minutes-walk away from Parramatta and Harris Park Station, we are based in an established medical clinic that specializes in Workers Compensation and CTP cases.
  • On Street metered parking or 3P at Westfield Parramatta
Our other locations

Our services are available in a number of other areas:

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